NANCY TUNG HAS HELPED HUNDREDS in her 20 years as a prosecutor, on both a personal and professional level. Stalking and domestic violence victims, victims of fraud, and many more have turned to Nancy for her guidance and friendship, and time and time again, Nancy has gone above and beyond to help. Read the testimonials of some of the people Nancy has helped in her career—she is honored to receive these kind words in support.


I Was Being Relentlessly Stalked. Nancy Helped Me Find Justice.

In 2008, I ended a relationship with a man, who in retaliation, relentlessly stalked and harassed me for the next year. I felt powerless, terrified and increasingly hopeless as multiple trips to the police station did nothing to mitigate my ex’s deranged behavior. I was told that if he hadn’t technically committed or threatened outright physical violence, little could be done for my case.

I Felt Powerless to Find Help
My family and friends feared for my safety, and I worried I would never again have peace in my life. I began to feel that maybe I deserved the torment, and I contemplated leaving school, my new job, and the city altogether just to escape him. It was at this low, low point, that I found the Collective Restraining Order Clinic (CROC), an advocacy organization of lawyers working pro-bono for vulnerable clients. They introduced me to Nancy Tung in her role as Assistant District Attorney.

From my very first meeting with Nancy, I began to feel hopeful. I finally felt heard as she listened compassionately and validated not only my fear, but to the impact of constant harassment. I remember her telling me, “What he is doing to you is NOT okay, not morally, and not legally.”

Nancy is a Powerful Ally and Advocate Who Changed My Life
That was the first time I wasn’t brushed off because I didn’t have physical bruises to show for my pain. She infused her professionalism and intelligence with kindness and a commitment to serve and speak up for vulnerable victims. I felt I had a powerful ally in my corner. When my harasser faced Nancy in court, it was the first time I think he felt shame at his crimes. The harassment stopped and slowly, I began living without fear.

Because of Nancy’s work, I was granted a ten year restraining order. A small piece of paper whose weight I felt acutely as I carried it with me EVERYWHERE, my symbolic and literal protection. When I got married a few years later to a kind and wonderful man, I knew that Nancy had changed the course of my life by fighting for me, validating my experience and lifting up my voice. I am so lucky to have had her help in this most difficult period of my life.

— Elisabeth Tove Gundersen

Nurse Practitioner/Department of Surgery University of California, San Francisco


Nancy was a Diligent, Caring, and Effective Attorney for our Family

As Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, Nancy Tung fought for our family when a failed housing contractor cost us thousands of dollars.

A Failed Contractor Left Our Home an Unfinished Mess
After paying in advance for remodeling work, we discovered the contractor filed for bankruptcy and refused to continue his work in our project, leaving our home an unfinished mess. In order to finish the project and pay for a new contractor, we had to access college savings plans for our three children, which was emotionally distressing.

Nancy Tung Saved Our Children’s College Funds
Nancy fought tenaciously on our behalf over a period of years—and was able to successfully negotiate full financial restitution from the failed contractor. Our children’s college savings plans were restored to their original amounts. She was a diligent, caring and effective attorney for our family.

Nancy Tung will serve all of the citizens of San Francisco well as the next District Attorney of The City and County of San Francisco.

— Doug and Pam Barry

San Francisco, CA


Nancy is a Tireless Leader and a Great Friend

I have known Nancy for a number of years on both professional and personal levels and know that she always inspires those around her with her compassion and principled leadership.

A Professional Prosecutor, Taking on Uber to Protect Consumers
I worked very closely with Nancy on the joint Los Angeles and San Francisco county consumer protection prosecution of Uber. Her professionalism and legal skills were instrumental in helping our offices take on Uber, resulting in a $25 million settlement for the company’s false advertising and fraudulent business practices. Nancy has an incredible ability to inspire those around her to work hard and serve justice. That’s why I am certain Nancy will be able to take these skills to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and lead a new era of passionate and skillful prosecutors. I hope to be able to work closely with her on important high profile and impactful consumer protection cases that affect all California residents.

Nancy Leads With Kindness, Both Professionally and Personally
On a personal level, Nancy has been there for me as I went through a profound personal life change. Four years ago, I publicly came out as being a transgender woman and transitioned. Nancy was extremely supportive of my transition and in fact did something very special for me—on the night I came out to her about my transition she sent me a gift and told me she would be there for me.

Nancy is a tireless leader and a great friend. I know that Nancy will be an excellent District Attorney who will combine brilliant legal skills, compassionate judgment and real world experience to provide superior representation to all the residents of San Francisco.

— Jessie Lee Ann McGrath

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney


Nancy Freed our Daughter from an International Stalker

A man stalked, harassed, and tormented my daughter for over three years, across multiple continents and countries, even following her when she returned home to San Francisco to seek refuge and help. This man was so determined to capture her, he appeared multiple times in front of our home, making her afraid to even go outside. He took away her freedom.

Nancy Stopped Him, Setting Our Daughter Free
My daughter was terrified of this man. Knowing that Nancy worked for the criminal justice system, I reached out to her for advice and help. Nancy immediately knew what to do, and not only gave us advice but guided us through the entire process. We sought a restraining order, which he repeatedly violated, and he was ultimately convicted of felony stalking. We are eternally grateful for everything Nancy Tung did to help set our daughter free.

— R. Alan

parent of a victim of an international stalker


As a “Big Sister,” Nancy Helped Me Keep My Life on Track

I met Nancy when I was 11 years old when she was assigned to be my “Big Sister” through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program that ran out of the Boys and Girls Club on Valencia Street. My parents, who are immigrants from Mexico, had to work a lot, so I spent a lot of time on my own or at the Boys and Girls Club growing up.

At first, I was awkward around Nancy because she was older and came from a different background, but soon we found common ground. We baked cookies on Mother’s Day, went out for hot chocolate, and she sometimes helped me with homework. Over the years, Nancy always knew what to say to make me feel comfortable with who I was and where I was in life—she always made me feel like I had someone to talk to. She helped ensure I stayed in school and stayed out of gangs. When I got pregnant as a teenager, she was there for me, too. She helped me find solutions for difficult situations, taught me how to make alternative plans, and never turned her back on me even when I didn’t follow through.

She’s been my “Big Sister” now for more than 13 years. She has never hesitated to tell me that I can do more with my life and give me the encouragement and resources to get there. Now, at 24, I am a mother of two, an Army reservist, and still reaching for my educational goals. She cares deeply about me and the community in San Francisco, and knows that an investment in people is what changes our system. She’s a big part of why I stayed out of trouble as a young person, and now being older, I want to do that for someone else. I can’t imagine a more thoughtful and compassionate person to be the District Attorney in San Francisco.

— Vannesa