NANCY TUNG HAS HELPED HUNDREDS in her 20 years as a prosecutor, on both a personal and professional level. Stalking and domestic violence victims, victims of fraud, and many more have turned to Nancy for her guidance and friendship, and time and time again, Nancy has gone above and beyond to help. Read the testimonials of some of the people Nancy has helped in her career—she is honored to receive these kind words in support.


I Was Being Relentlessly Stalked. Nancy Helped Me Find Justice.

In 2008, I ended a relationship with a man, who in retaliation, stalked and harassed me for the next year, to such a degree that my family and friends feared for my safety, and I worried I would never again have peace in my life.

The harassment and humiliation were relentless and permeated every aspect of my life; my new job, my graduate program and my relationships with family and friends. I felt powerless, terrified and increasingly hopeless as multiple trips to the police station did nothing to mitigate my ex’s deranged behavior. With each visit to the police, I was told that if he hadn’t technically committed or threatened outright physical violence, little could be done for my case. I began to feel maybe I deserved the torment, and contemplated leaving school, my new job and the city I loved to escape it.

It was at this low, low point, that I stumbled across CROC (The Collective Restraining Order Clinic- an advocacy organization staffed with lawyers working pro-bono for their vulnerable clients) and met Nancy Tung in her role as Assistant District Attorney. I was reassured by CROC’s legal team; “you are so lucky to have Nancy on your side! She will fight for you.”

From my very first meeting with Nancy, I began to feel hopeful. I finally felt heard, she listened compassionately and validated not only my fear, but to the impact that constant harassment had on my life. I remember her telling me, “what he is doing to you is NOT ok, not morally, and not legally.” That was the first time I hadn’t felt brushed off because I didn’t have physical bruises to show for my pain. She infused her professionalism and intelligence with kindness and an obvious commitment to serve and speak up for vulnerable clients. I felt I had a powerful ally in my corner, and I imagined her doing the same for other women in far more dire circumstances than myself.

When my harasser stood up in court against Nancy and the CROC legal team, it was the first time I think he felt shame at his crimes. The harassment stopped and slowly, I resumed living without fear and looked forward into my future in San Francisco with hope and excitement.

Because of Nancy’s work on my case, I was granted a ten year restraining order. A small piece of paper whose weight I felt acutely as I carried it with me EVERYWHERE, my symbolic and literal protection. Nancy texted, called and emailed often to check on me. Her concern for my well being was so genuine, even though I am sure she was balancing dozens of other cases.

When I got married a few years later to a kind and wonderful man, I sent Nancy a card to thank her for changing the course of my life by fighting for me, validating my experience and my making me feel heard when I had all but lost my voice. I am so lucky my path crossed hers in this most difficult period of my life.

— Elisabeth Tove Gundersen

Nurse Practitioner/Department of Surgery University of California, San Francisco


Nancy was a Diligent, Caring, and Effective Attorney for our Family

As Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, Nancy Tung fought for our family when a failed housing contractor cost us thousands of dollars. After paying in advance for remodeling work, we discovered the contractor filed for bankruptcy and refused to continue his work in our project, leaving our home an unfinished mess. In order to finish the project and pay for a new contractor, we had to access college savings plans for our three children, which was emotionally distressing. Nancy fought tenaciously on our behalf over a period of years—and was able to successfully negotiate full financial restitution from the failed contractor. Our children’s college savings plans were restored to their original amounts. She was a diligent, caring and effective attorney for our family. Nancy Tung will serve all of the citizens of San Francisco well as the next District Attorney of The City and County of San Francisco.

— Doug and Pam Barry

San Francisco, CA


Nancy is a Tireless Leader and a Great Friend

I have known Nancy for a number of years on both personal and professional levels. I worked very closely with her on the joint Los Angeles and San Francisco county consumer protection prosecution of Uber. Her professionalism and legal skills were instrumental in helping our offices reach a settlement with Uber and correct their misrepresentations in their advertising about their safety measures.

On a personal level, Nancy has been their for me as I went through a profound personal life change. Four years ago I publicly came out as being a transgender woman and transitioned. Nancy was extremely accepting of my transition and in fact did something very special for me. Her kindness and respect helped make a very difficult decision into a wonderful experience. I hope to be able to work closely with her on important high profile and impactful consumer protection cases that affect all California residents.

Nancy is a tireless leader and a great friend. I know that Nancy will be an excellent District Attorney who will combine brilliant legal skills, compassionate judgment and real world experience to provide superior representation to all the residents of San Francisco.

— Jessie Lee Ann McGrath

LA County Deputy DA


Nancy Freed our Daughter from an International Stalker

A few years ago my adult daughter returned to San Francisco to seek refuge from a man who had been stalking her for over three years. This man was so determined to capture my daughter, he appeared multiple times in front of our family home waiting for her to emerge, in turn causing her to lose her own freedom. Knowing that Nancy worked for the criminal justice system, I reached out to her for advice. Nancy not only gave us advice but guided us through the entire process which resulted in a felony conviction. We are eternally grateful for everything Nancy Tung did to help set my daughter free.

— R. Alan

parent of a victim of an international stalker